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As the leading World War II German Living History Reenactment Unit, 7th. Kompanie/Grenadier Regiment (motorized) Grossdeutschland" researches and presents the common German soldier of World War II as accurately and objectively as possible. We stress "objectively" because we concentrate on the military aspects of the German soldier. As a non-political organization, we DO NOT support or condone the politics which directed him.
In a modern era where much of World War II history is almost all but forgotten, members of Grossdeutschland strive to dispel the common misconceptions that abound concerning the German Army that fought during the last half of the 20th Century. read more
Taking information directly from living German veterans of Grossdeutschland Panzer Division, we reenact the German soldier so others might understand the era in which he fought. United States Military veterans are often amazed at how accurately we portray their former enemy, and they pay honor to our efforts at helping to keep alive the history of this era for all to remember.

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds in both nationality and employment. While some of our members have roots in families which immigrated to the United States from Germany, we have many members who have chosen to join Grossdeutschland because they are simply interested in World War II.

Our membership includes police officers, university instructors, students, business men, authors, former military members, and just about any type of person you might imagine who has developed a keen interest in military science. So if you have ever wondered about the lives of typical German soldier who took part in the Second World War, we encourage you to come out and see a Living History event for yourself.

And if you have a genuine interest in entering this hobby or are a veteran with knowledge to share we encourage you to contact us. We would love to speak with you!


From the Cradle to the Grave GD-USA has seen it all and the expression "Kameradschaft" says it well. In 1976 a handful of dedicated reenactors decided they wanted to start reenacting WWII since almost all of the other time periods were being done and were steadily growing in popularity. read more
The story of how the "founding fathers" decided to form the Grossdeutschland Division impression is simple. It seemed everyone who started a unit way back then wanted to do an "SS" impression so it was decided that they would do a regular "German Army Division" to counter the growing amount of people portraying the "SS". They considered two units, the 352nd Infantry Division and the Grossdeutschland Division. After reading the history of both units the founders decided to do the Grossdeutschland impression for two reasons, number one, is that the divisional history of Grossdeutschland was amazing, and number two, the unit designation "GD" would be easily remembered by people within the hobby.

Why 7th Kompanie? Since deciding to do a "Grunt" or a basic combat impression the founders did not want to be the "First Kompanie of the First Battalion, of the First Regiment" but rather wanted to be somewhere in the middle so they picked the 7th Kompanie of the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Regiment. Further reading about 7th Kompanie revealed that it was rich with history. As an added bonus, in the year 2001, we had the extraordinary opportunity to meet the first 7th Kompanie Commander, Herr Eberhard Wachernagel, during the annual reunion of the Grossdeutschland Division Veterans in Germany.

Over the years strong friendships have developed. We have shared all the different aspects of life from births to weddings to deaths. When someone walks through our doors they can feel the sense of family and most importantly the feeling of camaraderie. Family is a special word but one that truly describes this group of people. As a group we strive to keep alive the memory of those men of the Grossdeutschland Division who loyally fulfilled their duty in accordance with Grossdeutschlands motto "Gott, Ehren, und Vaterland". We pride ourselves on the fact that we do it right and will never bring shame to the name Grossdeutschland.

Welcome to one of the most accomplished and dedicated groups of "Living Historians" in the country. We look forward to having you experience the "Traditions of the Grossdeutschland Division" with us.
In treue fest zu GD!

Major Otto Lorenz (Retired) Bob Lawrence

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Stalingrad Evernt 2019

The Grossdeutschland Division Living History Group" is NOT affiliated with any right wing Neo Nazi organization. We are students of Military Science NOT Political Science. We condemn all radical or subversive groups, and for that reason we do NOT allow any member of GD to belong to one